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Practical Assessment Practices

Finding ways to comply with all the latest rules and regulations will slow anyone down. Instead of batling every obstacle, RAISE Training will help you overcome them in as practical a way as possible.

Our assessment instruments and practices are crafted to deliver balanced training that equips you with the tools you need, while taking care of the finer details for you.

Innovative Digital Solutions

Practical training is changing. In fact, RAISE Training is embracing digital methods to make the learning experience better. We’re raising the bar by introducing online tools that work with you.

Our new digital-driven tactics are eco-friendly and most importantly, save time. These new and improved methods make evidence collection and assessment processing even easier and eliminates the need for inconvenient paper-based training.


Everything is easier when we work together. That’s why RAISE Training is always here with unparalleled and personal support for you and your team.

When delivering VET sector training, you’ll have the problem-solving advice of our industry experts, ready to help via individual contact and online resources.

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